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Clenchwarton Primary School

Hello Yellow

Friday 8th October 2021

On Friday 8th October, we will be taking part in Hello Yellow to raise money and awareness for Young Minds Mental Health Organisation. We are asking that staff and pupils wear something yellow on that day.

All donations via

Most of us will struggle with our mental health at some point in our lives, just like we all get sick once in a while. If you notice a negative change in how you’re feeling, or you find yourself doing things that worry you, speak to someone you trust.

Trust your instincts – you know if something is up. Don’t wait for things to get really bad before reaching out. The earlier you get help, the more likely it is that you can stop your problem getting worse.

For further information on the Young Minds mental health organisation and about the Hello Yellow campaign click here. 

We are really looking forward to seeing our staff and students in something yellow!