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Clenchwarton Primary School

Raising funds for NSPCC​​​​​​​

Our children have taken part in a mega maths day to help raise funds for charity.

Pupils dressed up in costumes with a maths-related theme for the NSPCC’s annual Number Day.

The children were invited to support the charity by making a small donation, with the school raising a total of £103.

The fundraising day also included a zoom assembly on the work carried out by the NSPCC and class activities involving the charity’s mascot Buddy. 

The whole school had a task of following a trail of puzzles around the room, and solving tasks such as answering calculations, figuring out riddles and using codes in order to find a key to ‘release’ Buddy.

Every class had the chance to use lots of maths-themed resources in the hall- some children looked at the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, others used measuring, while pupils also tried to win at a ’Who wants to be a Mathionaire’ maths quiz.

Mrs Michelle Ryan, our maths coordinator, said: “The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and loved investigating numbers in ways they would not have done in normal class sessions. 

“We were extremely pleased to raise funds to help support the charity while the children enjoyed activities to help to develop their maths skills.”

Schools from across the UK take part in the NSPCC’s Number Day every year, raising funds to enable it to continue work supporting children, young people and their families, such as the Childline service. 

More photos can be found here.