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Clenchwarton Primary School

Christingle @ Clenchwarton

On Thursday 10th December, Father Andrew came into school and we celebrated Christingle.  We all made a Christingle orange.  

Father Andrew taught us that Christingles are made up of different parts,
each one being there to remind us of something.
•       The orange represents the world.
•       The candle reminds Christians of Jesus who they believe to be the
         light of the world.
•       The red ribbon goes all round the 'world' and being the colour of
         blood, reminds Christians that Jesus died.
•       The four cocktail sticks could have either of two meanings; the four
         seasons or the four corners of the world.
•       The sweets (or sometimes dried fruit) remind Christians of God's
         gifts to the world including kindness and love.
•       The foil is only there to catch waxy drips from the candle

The pupils were able to light their candles and eat their sweets when they got home in celebration of Christ.


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